Voice overs:

I have provided narrations, voices for characters within a multimedia project, and a limited number of sound effects. 


Programs for the diverse, difficult to predict audience:

   For such programs I allow  spiritual feedback from the audience to control the stories that are to be told.


 Juvenile audiences:

    For most of these programs I use a story bag from which the children are asked to reach in choose items which are used to tell folk tales with humor and messages for all.



Spiritual gatherings:

     My personal favorite..... I tell spiritually based, or at times, biblically based stories that reinforce spiritual principles..... Please note I am Christian "to the bone".


Special occasions:

     Black history programs, motivational programs, and thematic programs can be performed if I have a familiarity with the theme.


For the teens:

   Let's face it......Not an easy audience.  I taught at a high school.......I generally use a mixture of historical stories as well as motivational spoken word pieces (a little rap).  A lot of what drives these programs comes from my affiliation with the National Lifers Association (Just as it sounds...a group of individuals that are incarcerated for life... They want to get a message across as to where certain types of behaviors lead). These programs are performed at times with a certain "attitude".



    Typically historical or spiritually based stories are used.  I am trying to incorporate some basic exercises from my days as a physical therapist into some of these programs performed within nursing homes. 


For the DEAF:

     I am brand new to this.....Still in school....struggling...I am always looking for assist in improving my skills in this arena. 





Stories used:

     The vast majority of stories used are African folklore.  A large number of my stories are original or modified version of stories heard from other tellers....(A number of us are strongly influenced by Baba Jamal).  Most of the "spiritually" based stories stem from my version of "High John the Comforter", a modified version of High John the Conqueror. (the style of the southern storyteller).  I am working with a group of Native American stories as well as a new group of stories from various countries.